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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 19:12

Voluptuous relations siblings

Written by

A few years later, their parents had finally left for the weekend.
Daniel and Kelly had been impatiently waiting for the chance to be alone and share their lustful desires for each other.
Completely alone. Completely in love.
And now they had their chance. Kelly looked so lovely to her brother as she lay upon her bed, smiling at him with that wonderful smirk that made his dick hard. The smile that told him she was ready to let him have her.
Kelly saw him as he walked over to her wearing only his loose pants... 

My sister Christie and I shot a incest porn video, yes it sounds weird but it was different times and the situation was so dire, we were so desperate for cash that it was the only option we had, I know it sounds dirty and weird but it occurred actually. Here's the story itself:


Brother sister incest porn 3
My Father had been gone for some time and our mother had just died, but not after been in ICU for about three months the insurance had run out a long time ago and the medical bills just kept on coming and getting thicker each day, we had to sell everything I got a second mortgage on my place Rebecca had to sell hers, we had both downgraded our autos and almost all my salary went to paying bills, I had broken up with my girlfriend Jessica and my social life was nil, my older sister Christie who was 34 at the time me being 30 had been through a bitter divorced , she too was in the same deep water as I was, she had moved to our parents house since she didn’t have a place to live anymore , she had two beautiful daughters Kim who was 14 and Joanna who was 8. Her ex had gotten full custody mainly because of her financial situation, that had devastated her, our credit cards were maxed we owed money to everyone we knew, the banks were breathing down our necks ,to cut the story short we weren’t only broke we were super broke.
I was about to lose my apartment, and that meant moving back to my family home which was now my sister’s house and I really didn’t want that.
It was close to the thanks giving of 1995, we were both discussing our options at my sister’s home, there was no way we could make the payments, even if we sold our shitty cars, there was just no way. Any bijouteries of valor were gone a long

time ago, we were both searching the classifieds for any kind of part time jobs or odd jobs that we could do in our free time which were only nights and Sundays, suddenly Christie found an ad and declaim it to me
It was something like, (beautiful girls search for modeling job, no experience needed, decent wages, and so on)
“it pornography” I told her
 “Yes, but what the fuck, I’m going to check it out any methods” Christie said

Thursday, 18 July 2013 10:29

Mommy's Naughty Boy

Written by

Incest porn story

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Marcus, I saw some of the dirty things you have on your computer,” Joanna said after sitting her son down for a serious talk. Marcus was living at home with his mom while attending the nearby university. He had always been a good kid. He was obedient and always willing to help his mother out. He never did anything to upset her or make her mad. But he wasn’t sure what she would do alter finding what he had on his computer.She saw he was a little embarrassed. “Have you always liked to look at pictures of that sort? So many pictures, videos, and stories!”
“Mom, I...”
“.. mothers and sons, Marcus, boys and their own mommies...”
“I know, I'm sorry. It’s just... well... I've always been turned on by the idea of a mother and a son loving each other so much that they become... intimate.”
He paused, afraid of her reaction.
Joanna didn’t say anything, hut inside her heart melted.
“I’m really sorry, Mom. I’ll delete them as soon as...”
“No, you don’t need to delete them.” She said with a smile, putting her hand softly on his face. “You’re old

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